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CHEM 20481: Basic Organic Chemistry I

Fall 2017


Most of the material on this site is restricted to students enrolled in this class.

General Chemistry Review Topics

Exam #1 Material
  • Hybridization - Molecular shapes
  • Resonance Structures - Video lectures showing how to draw resonance structures of organic compounds.
    • Introduction - Drawing resonance structures and adding curved arrows
    • Stability - Rules for determining the relative stability of different resonance structures
    • Examples - Examples of resonance structures, including use of stick figures
    • Webpage - An older web page showing a couple of examples of resonance structures
  • Lewis Acid/Base - Curved arrows
  • Alkanes
  • Conformations - Energy diagrams for ethane and butane
  • Exam #1 Review Sheet - Major Topics included on this exam

Final Exam Review Sheet - Major Topics included on this exam