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Molecules of Life - Fall 2017

CHEM 10055: Molecules of Life
Traditional Lecture Course Outline - Fall 2017

Welcome to the website supporting Dr. Earley's face-to-face Molecules of Life course.


Exam #3 Material:  (Test Date December 4)

You will need to complete the quizzes in each of the following sections before the deadlines listed.  All of these sections should be completed before Exam #3 (May 8 - 12).  This section starts with balancing equations, then covers carbohydrates and shows how macronutrients work together in metabolism.  Finally, a brief introduction to DNA is presented.

  • Carbohydrates - Structures, properties, and uses - Due November 11
  • Redox - Oxidation/reduction reactions - Due November 18
  • Metabolism - Redox reactions and Pathways - Due December 2
  • DNA - Structures, properties, and uses - Due December 9
  • Review - List of topics for the third exam
  • Post-semester Evaluation - Please take between December 9-15
    This is a short quiz designed to assess your basic knowledge of chemistry after completion of this class.  Your grade on this quiz will NOT be saved, but if you complete this quiz, you will earn extra credit. (If you did not complete the Pre-semester evaluation, you will earn 2 points. If you did, you will earn 3 points).