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Molecules of Life - Fall 2017

CHEM 10055: Molecules of Life
Traditional Lecture Course Outline - Fall 2017

Welcome to the website supporting Dr. Earley's face-to-face Molecules of Life course.


Exam #1 Material:  (Testing Dates September 25-29)

You will need to complete the quizzes in each of the following sections before the deadlines listed.  All of these sections should be completed before Exam #1.  This section covers basic chemical concepts that will be built on for the remainder of the course.

  • Introduction - Scientific Method, Metric System, Conversion, and Matter - Due September 2
  • Nuclear Chemistry - Atomic symbols, half-lives, and molecular weights - Due September 9
  • Covalent Compounds - Lewis structures, polarity, partial charges, formal charges, and molecular geometry - Due September 16
  • Lipids and Membranes - Structures and function - Due September 23
  • Review - List of topics for the first exam