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Chemistry in Our World - Fall 2017

CHEM 10030: Chemistry in Our World
Course Outline - Fall 2017

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Welcome to Dr. Earley's online Chemistry in Our World course. Students enrolled in this class should proceed sequentially through each of the topics listed below by the deadlines indicated.  Note that some of this material is also available to students who are not currently enrolled but may be interested in finding out more about this course.

  • Discussion Board
    You are required to make at least 10 posts (100 word minimum) during the semester. Prompts containing topics for these posts will be posted near the beginning of most weeks.
  • Old Exams
    Copies of select exams from previous semesters

Material for Exam #1: (Testing Dates September 25-29)

You will need to complete the quizzes in each of the following sections before the deadlines listed. All of these sections should be completed before Exam #1. This section covers basic chemical concepts that will be built on for the remainder of the course.

  • Essential Chemistry - Background information on the scientific method, the metric system, and converting between units. Deadline: Sept. 2
  • Air Quality - Describing the composition of air, air pollution, and molecules (Chapter 1). Deadline: Sept. 9
  • Chemical Reactions - Examination chemical formulas and balancing chemical equations. Deadline: Sept. 16
  • Chemical Structures - A look at different ways of representing molecular structures. Deadline: Sept. 23
  • Review Sheet - Summary of topics covered on the first exam.