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Dr. Earley's "Molecules of Life"



Photo of Dr. EarleyThis website has been developed to support my online section of CHEM 10055: Molecules of Life.  This is an introductory chemisty course intended for college-level students in nursing and allied-health fields. For this reason, there is a strong emphasis on biochemical applications and concepts.

This course differs from traditional General-Organic-Biochemistry courses because it uses an integrated approach.  Basically, this means that chemical principles will not be introduced until they are needed.  Throughout the semester, broad topics (such as proteins or metabolism) are introduced along with the chemical principles required to understand these topics.


Course Structure

The course structure attempts to break concepts down into manageable pieces. Typically, a web page (which may include audio and/or video) covers each concept.  These pages will generally contain a couple of questions (with worked out answers available, but not immediately visible) to test your understanding.  You are always free to contact me if you have questions on any of these topics.  A small number (usually three or four) of related concepts are grouped and followed by a short, online quiz.  These quizzes are graded, but you are allowed to repeat these as many times as necessary and only your best score will be recorded.

While there is a fair amount of flexibility with this class, traditional pencil-and-paper exams are required.  These exams must be taken during the one-week periods listed on the syllabus at a KSU Testing Center or other approved site.  For this reason, there are regular deadlines for completion of quizzes listed on each page and the course calendar.

A portion of your grade will also be based writing papers, commenting on other students' paper, and posting on the discussion board.



Because we will be using this website instead of Blackboard Learn, it might take a bit of time to get comfortable using this site.

I recommend you start at the START HERE section on the first page and work your way down the page in order.  The Work needed icon means that you still have work to do for points.

The column on the left side of each page contains links to most of the commonly needed material.  Perhaps the most useful tool in this column is the calendar and list of Upcoming Deadlines, that lists the deadlines for all required activities.


If you have any problems navigating this site or using any of the material posted here, please let me know.