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Proctored Exam Options

Examination Options

Proctored exams are required for all online chemistry courses taught at KSU. For each of these exams, students will generally get to choose any one of the following three options.

  • On-site at the Stark Campus:  During fall and spring semesters, I will administer exams for students who choose to come to the Stark campus.  The dates and times for this option will be listed on the course syllabus.
  • Any Testing center on any KSU regional campus: All of the KSU regional Campuses have Testing Centers, and students enrolled at any KSU campus are allowed to take exams at these sites.  Students will be responsible for verifying hours for these centers and making appointments (if required) to take these exams. Contact information for all KSU testing centers is listed on my Testing Centers page.
  • Another approved site:  If neither of the first two options works, students can make arrangements to take these exams at another site.  The KSU Proctored Testing page lists examples of acceptable options under the "Alternate Proctor Site" section.  Note that you will need to make arrangements and I must approve this at least two weeks before exams.

Chemistry Department policy is that ProctorU is not an acceptable option for taking these examinations.


Selecting your Testing Location

You will need to select a site to take your examinations before you will be granted access to the required materials for this course. This will be done by editting your Profile and selecting your preferred site from the "Testing Center" drop-down menu. After you do this, you will need to "Accept" these requirements by clicking the button on the Proctor Sites box appearing near the top of the page.