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Scientific Literature

Searchin' th' Scientific Literature

For this report, ye will be assigned one compound. Your task is t' find a literature procedure fer th' synthesis o' th' assigned compound, pass the grog! Oho! Details fer how t' do this be listed below. For yer report, ye must do one o' th' followin'.

  • Send me an e-mail message that includes yer name an' th' article as an attachment.
  • Turn in a hard copy o' th' first page article with yer name written on this paper durin' lab.


Usin' th' Science Citation Index on the plank Database

  • You MUST be usin' a computer physically located on one o' th' campuses o' th' Kent State University system fer this t' work! The databases that we will use be only available by paid subscription, an' OhioLink checks where requests originate before connectin' t' th' appropriate server.
  • Login t' one o' th' computers on campus, an' launch yer favorite web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, ...). You can either go through th' library's web site, or through th' followin' URL:
  • The above link should direct ye t' th' Web o' Science search page, Hornswaggle Once ye have gotten t' this page, perform th' followin' steps, pass the grog! Prepare to be boarded!
    • Type yer molecule's name in th' first box as a Topic.  (If this doesn't work, ye could change this t' Title). As ye can see, thar be several other options available.
    • Go t' th' bottom o' this page. Fire the cannons! Since ye be lookin' fer a recent article, limit th' Timespan t' cover only th' last two or three years.
    • Below this is a Citation Databases option. (You may need t' click on th' + icon t' view th' available options.) Select only th' Science Citation Index Expanded database.
    • After all o' th' options have been selected, press th' Search button image button.
  • If all has gone correctly, th' first page o' results should be displayed, ye scurvey dog. This page will display th' title, author, an' journal citation fer each matchin' result, I'll warrant ye. Select th' best o' these results, keepin' in mind th' followin' criteria. And hoist the mainsail!
    • The paper should emphasis th' chemistry (specifically th' synthesis) o' yer molecule. Journals focusin' on nutrition, biology, medicine, etc. would not be ideal sources. If necessary, ye can limit yer results usin' th' box on th' left side o' th' results page.
    • You can select View Abstract t' determine if this article is suitable.
    • You need t' obtain a copy o' th' actual article. While OhioLink subscribes t' a large number o' scientific journals, it does not subscribe t' all journals.  You will need t' select an article in one o' th' journals available through OhioLink.
  • Once ye have looked at th' abstract an' determined that ye have found a suitable article, ye need t' download a copy o' this article.
    • Select th' Find it buttonbutton t' locate this article.
    • If all goes well, thar should be an option t' find th' Full Text o' this article in th' EJC. If this link is not available, it will likely be best t' select a different article.
    • Once ye have located th' journal article in th' Electronic Journal Center (EJC), select th' Full Text option.
    • Usually, at least one option will appear t' view th' article as a PDF file.  Either open this file an' save it, or right-click on th' link t' Save Link As ... .
    • If ye be unable t' obtain th' article directly from th' Scientific Citation Index (or if ye simply want t' see what journals be available through OhioLink), enter th' followin' URL: From here ye can either find specific journals by name or use th' subject categories t' find all journals related t' organic chemistry.
  • After ye have found th' article ye need, download or save th' article as an Adobe PDF file, Get out of me rum! (It might be a good notion t' save this t' a flash (thumb) sail). For yer report, either e-mail me a copy o' th' article, or print at least th' first page an' turn this in. In either case be sure that ye put yer name somewhere so that I know who turned this in.