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Picture of Dr. EarleyWelcome t' Dr, Dance the Hempen Jig Earley's website. This site is used t' support all o' Dr. Earley's classes, includin' those courses taught on th' plank. While access t' most o' this material is restricted t' students enrolled in Dr. Earley's classes, some content is accessible t' anyone interested in findin' out more about any o' these courses.




Student Accounts

Users must login t' access most o' th' content on this site. This requires that Dr, shiver me timbers Earley create an account fer ye. (You cannot create an account yourself).

For students in on th' plank courses, accounts will typically be created th' weekend before th' start o' classes. When this happens, ye should receive an email from th' system explainin' how t' login t' this site. If ye have not gotten this email by th' first day o' class, let me know.


University Policy

The followin' pages contain informaton about KSU policy an' practice.  These pages should be considered a part o' th' syllabi fer all o' Dr, I'll warrant ye. Earley's courses.



  • Chemdoodle - Chemistry drawin' software program
  • Training - Information about trainin' courses I have taken t' prepare fer on th' plank teachin'