Shown below is an interactive image of cyclohexane. You can rotate this picture by "dragging" your mouse on a blank portion of the drawing window. "Clicking" on one atom gives the name for that atom. If you then click on a second atom, the distance between these two atoms will be shown. Selecting the Axial and Equatorial buttons below the image allow highlighting of these types of atoms.

Note that the emphasis of this activity is to look at interactions controlled by conformational changes. When looking at "neighboring" atoms for any hydrogen, we recognize that the carbon atoms all have approximately tetrahedral geometries. Conformational changes involve rotation around single bonds and do NOT change bond lengths or bond angles. When determining which atoms are "neighboring", all atoms directly bonded to the carbon atom attached to the hydrogen atom of interest are ignored (not highlighted).

Perform each of the tasks listed below.



Highlight Atoms:

Neighboring Atoms: